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If you want to get in touch

Monday, February 12th, 2007

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That number is 0208 144 0456 – it will go to voicemail if I’m busy, which I am, most of the time!

I think I’ve set the site so that you can register, which I assume emails you when there are updates. You don’t need to register to add comments however, and they are always welcome!

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Arrived, rested and raring to go

Sunday, February 11th, 2007

The plane finally took off about an hour late, with no explanation, but I guess due to the backlog from the snow. Ah snow, what a distant memory – it’s Sunday afternoon and I’m currently sitting in the Wellspring office, about three minutes walk from the Wanjela’s house where we are staying. It’s 5.30pm and about 25C – today’s cooler than normal! But all is well, very well, we have settled in wonderfully, and apart from the kids having a little trouble with the heat, it has been a great first few days.

The plane journey was, unavoidably I guess, little fun. Clare felt queasy throughout, and having to keep settle the kids didn’t help. Meanwhile Reuben and I were apparently the last people on the plane to get food, at about midnight, as the trolley ran out just behind us, and the trolley ahead took seemingly forever to reach us. It wasn’t worth the wait. Anyway, ‘Flushed Away’ kept the kids occupied until the began to drowse, meanwhile I thought I’d watch ‘Babel’, which is up for lots of awards – I’m sure the director was trying to do something clever, unfortunately it was also very dull -I want those two hours of my life back please.

The whole flight had been in the dark, so the sun rose over Africa in the last hour of our journey, and we touched down at Entebbe, and quickly got through customs. As we walked out of the airport Clare and I both looked at each other with a big smile, it felt just as though we had never been away, the heat, the smiling black faces all around us, and the fresh breeze coming off Lake Victoria. And then out of the sea of faces Herbet and Eve, who many of you will have met last year in the UK, started shouting our names, and for the first time we got to meet their two children, Morgan (6) and Tabby (4). They immediately grabbed a pretty happy Reuben and Abby, and we trundled our moving mountain of bags to their car – a big 4×4 8-seater MPV. In fact, as their oldest son, Marvin, is away at boarding school, they were pretty much the Ugandan mirror image of us! And it’s become apparent over the last couple of days that Reuben and Morgan both share a similar shyer, more thoughtful character, while Abby and Tabby (yes that is already confusing!) have quickly taken to storming around the place, both wanting to ‘be the leader’ – they are all getting on wonderfully.

Herbert and Eve’s homeThe journey to Bweyogerere was about an hour and a half, and very familiar; from Entebbe, the international airport, through Kampala, and out to Bweyogerere to the west of the city. What really stood out was how the spread of housing and shops had expanded exponentially since we had gone. In 2000 much of the Entebbe Road was left to forest with the occasional settlement – now the development is almost continuous. There are a few notably impressive buildings – set up in anticipation of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Conference, led by our very own HRH Queen Elizabeth. The residents are reasonably proud to be hosting it, but really hope that it means the roads might be brought up to some kind of usable standard so not to shake the dignified bottoms that will be attending. There is legitimate concern however, about the number of hotels springing up to cope with what is ultimately a two week event. For example, Herbert’s old school, in central Kampala with over 1,000 pupils, has just been sold and demolished to make room for yet another hotel.

Enough of the politics – I’ll briefly say what we have been up to. After we arrived on Friday we felt very well, but Herbert and Eve’s wise advise to try having a rest found us all asleep for a couple of hours in the afternoon – well all but Reuben, who proceeded to fall asleep at dinner that we had out at a fabulous Indian restaurant, Nawabs, that used to be one of our favourites. It has now moved to the top of an impressive three storey shopping mall, which was incredibly western throughout – just another sign of Kampala extraordinary pace of development. Our happiness at being reintroduced to the almost legendary Ugandan lager, ‘Nile Special’ was compounded by the fact it is only 80p a pint, in a restaurant! In fact most dishes were £2-3 for top-notch Indian cuisine.

Saturday’s trip to ‘the park’ turned out to be not a stroll amongst leafy palm trees, but much to our surprise a visit to Kampala’s very own Thorpe Park -‘Didi’s World’. So let any thoughts you had of us deep in the African jungle be banished right now, as our first full day incorporated a very amusing bumper car session, a wide selection of merry-go-rounds featuring cars, animals, trains and even boda-bodas (mopeds), and then a Moonbase type activity centre to finish. Bizarrely the entire place was deserted, a wedding, which we got to observe, may have meant people stayed away, but for £1.50 a person for the day, I’m surprised there aren’t more Brits here avoiding the queues at Alton Towers! It was a unique experience, that was a real surprise, in more ways than I can ever say here… let’s just leave it at that. We actually ended up eating at a Korean restaurant that evening (come to Uganda, eat Korean…) it was an absolutely amazing place, elegantly finished in more marble than I’ve seen for a long time. It would have cost a fortune in London, I think it came to about £5 each.

Today we had church, at Wellspring Christian Fellowship. It was wonderful to be back, greeted very warmly by many who know us from when we worked here. The church is about 200 strong I guess, but you would never know that at the beginning of the service, as people slowly arrive over the first hour. By 11am, after the first hour of worship, most have arrived. Seeing Patrick, the pastor and a close friend, preach was very exciting, he has come on such a long way in his maturity and authority. He was teaching from the story of Joseph, about setting goals and persevering – a message that will tie in well into what I will be teaching – but more of that, and our now well filled itinerary, next time.

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Ready and waiting…

Thursday, February 8th, 2007

So, today’s the day, in fact, I write this as we sit at the departure gate, waiting for our plane, so this is the very hour!

Waking to five inches of snow was a bit of a shock, but it kept Reuben and Abby busy all morning – they are pretty hyped, but coping pretty well. I guess the transistion from snow to equatorial sun couldn’t be much more stark. It actually meant the journey here was very easy, as we enjoyed a very clear drive to Heathrow, as so many people hadn’t driven to work this morning. Upon arrival at the check-in however, it was a different matter, an absolute scrum throughout the airport – it was complicated and unclear for us, let alone visitors to our country trying to get home.

We’ve invested in a great little piece of technology for the kids – they are both sitting in the departure lounge, listening to their own mp3 players. Reuben is engrossed in the tales of Brer Rabbit, Abby’s chosen Beauty and the Beast. I’ve dumped about 35 hours of material on to them, so it should keep them busy.

Well, we’ll be boarding shortly, so the next issue will be from Uganda! Thank you all for your prayers, we look forward to keeping you updated.

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Four days to go…

Monday, February 5th, 2007

Well, our bags are packed, and we are ready to go, at least, the kids are.. The cries of ‘are we nearly there yet’ seem to be a little premature, but there has been so much build up for Reuben and Abby, who can blame them.

Last week we finally got some good phone time with Eve, Wellspring’s administrator, and Patrick, the leader of the Wellspring Christian Fellowship to firm up the itenary. Although, in Uganda, firming up any schedule is usually a loose term.

Our flight leaves on Thursday, at 9pm, which means we arrive in Entebbe, Uganda’s main airport, at about 8am Friday morning. Quite civilised apart from being woken for breakfast at about 5am.

Any bets please on whether the kids will sleep… (praise the Lord for in-flight movies!)