An easy day!

Today was a much more relaxed day! We spent sometime this morning using the internet and researching our accommodation for Safari then took a car full swimming at one of the hotels in Kampala. We had lunch there and enjoyed swimming in hot sunshine!

This evening we went to Mike and Beryl’s (the English couple who founded Wellspring) and had a BBQ. It was a great celebration of all being together again with Herbert and Eve’s family and the lady from the UK who is Head teacher of the school. We sat out as hot day turned to dusk and into night with the brightest stars we have ever seen. Lovely!


Tomorrow we have church in the morning- Simon is preaching and I am leading the Kids Zone. Then in the afternoon we set off ‘ON SAFARI’!! We have booked two family rooms at a lodge in Kibali National Park and plan to settle tomorrow night. On Monday we plan to explore the area, visit hot springs and see Eve’s mum. On Tuesday we go on safari ‘proper’ including a boat trip to see crocs and hippos! We are taking two cars (we have hired the Wellspring Pajaro) as our last safari experience and the experience of yesterday proves that things often break on cars here and being able to all pile into another vehicle is great! Please do pray for us while we are away – safely and health being the main two things! We are back on Wednesday evening.


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  1. Peter Wainwright says:

    The Wellspring re-union under a starlit night sounds very moving. Have a good safari.

  2. Sarah Walters says:

    Hi guys, it has been so lovely to read all the news of your trip – it sounds fantastic. Lots of love to all four of you, we are praying for you. Enjoy the rest of your time out there. Hope you received my text! Bye xxxx

  3. Mike Duggan says:

    Hallo Family Patrick,
    See all is going well over there and no-one suffering from Lions as yet.
    Take care
    Mike & Becca

  4. the prestons says:

    We are all thinking of you back at HT, you are on the front page of ‘link up’
    Have a lovely safari

  5. SARAH HUNT says:

    Hi Guys,

    Sounds like you are all having fun. We are all missing you here. the weather has been rubbish so you’ve missed nothing in that respect.

    It feels like you’ve been away forever now. Come back soon.

    Love Sx

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