Wednesday – a long drive back to work

Breakfast with the monkeys- not a bad way to start a day!! It was great fun – eating our pawpaw and bananas and throwing the left over’s to the family of monkeys who come to the hotel every morning in the search of suckers like us to feed them!! Big ones and baby ones- it was fun to chase them and watch them swing through the branches and then to watch them pounce on anything we threw- I even lost some of my breakfast before I have eaten it – thrown to the baby by an overenthusiastic child!! The journey back was long but so interesting – the children played and we talked about what we saw and appointed out tea plantations and waved at the children as they all came home from school. The children were brilliant – air con really helped and we were so glad we hired the pajero from wellspring just for that (they even got cold when it got dark and snuggled in their jumpers!!) We got home around 4 and they played hide and seek and reunited themselves with the kitten and all the toys. I stayed to write this and deal with the children and Simon has gone to speak at the church mid week meeting. He is tired after all the driving but has his busiest few days ahead so please do pray for him.

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  1. Hey Clare, Simon and Family,

    It sounds like you are having an awesome time. Ministry is always an awesome adventure!!! I have recently come back from Uruguay in South America and loved it also very much… there are pictures and video on my LJ blog!!! Would be good to reconnect!!

    Take care


  2. The Barnett family says:

    sounds like you are having an amazing time, i think you’ll sleep for weeks when you get back.
    MF this am was quiet, what with you lot being away, the men on their weekend & steve was away in ireland (he saw the ireland england game yesterday) so a select few, but good all the same.

    when do you return? i cn’t quite remember. whenever jonny & i pray for you all jonny sits there roaring ( i think he has rememebred that i said that you would be seeing some lions!!!) God knows what he means tho!!!
    with all our love,
    Steve debbi annie Jonny (Roar) xxx

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