Friday – umm, still crazy!

We all got up and out early today to go to the assembly at school. The children performed a play and did some singing (ahh, if English children had rhythm like that we could get rid of all the badly tuned pianos in school halls!!!) and then they put on the dressing up clothes we had brought the nursery to show us. We then went into Primary two (Morgan’s class) for a lesson. It was a new experience for me as usually I have been asked to take the lesson but this time I sat and ‘experienced it’. It was a very different style to the UK and would take some getting used to! It is very focused on exams and succeeding in the tests they have so is very ‘teacher-led’. All pupils face the front and it is rote learning. She singled Reuben out a lot and got him to do things on his own- he coped well – he just enjoyed being with Morgan! Next we went into Primary 1 (Tabby’s class) for a social studies class- it was hot by now and my children were sleepy so to save embarrassment of them yawning and falling asleep we left after 40 minutes or so! It was awkward too- should I tell the teacher about her spelling and grammatical errors in the sentences the children were to copy from the chalkboard?!! Again though they got the children to stand up and sing and dance for us! They do this regularly to keep the children energised – they are in school from 8 until 1 – a long morning. In the afternoon the children and I visited a local home for sodas and then played at home.

Simon held the second of his business development / marketing workshops in the afternoon, this time the focus was on specific tactics that could be used to get new customers, keep them, and to increase their value to the business. It was very well received, with feedback collected at the end including comments such as, ‘This workshop has really opened up a whole new world of ideas.’ And, ‘It has helped me so much, I know from what I have learnt I will be able to put it in action and I know I can make it.”

Once again, Simon went to speak to the Business Club at the nearby House of Blessing church (one of the largest churches in the area). This time he was speaking more specifically about how we can apply promises and instructions from the Bible to our work, and looked at characters from the Old and New Testament that were really good examples to follow. After running the two and a half hour workshop earlier, speaking for over an hour to this second group was a tiring but rewarding experience – a speech of thanks at the end said that this kind of teach had been very liberating and new to them, and that they were very grateful – when could Simon come back?!

In the evening the children stayed with Herbert and Eve and we took a carload of people into Kampala for an Indian meal. It was great fun and we laughed a lot. There were lots of toasts and jokes and we really enjoyed being ‘child-free’ and just able to go with the flow!! Most of the people we took were young and single and delightedly acted the part of the kids for me which they thought was hysterical!!!! It was a late night – getting back around 12.30 but a delicious meal that most of them would never afford for themselves and a great time together.

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