Saturday – family recovery time

We had a fabulous ‘family day’ today. This morning we took the children to the house we lived in when we were here to meet our dog, Bozi! We rescued him when he was a small puppy and he has just stayed with the house! He is just eth same – crazy and excitable and jumped up at us all the time- he managed to knock Roo into a bush! We had brought him a bone as a present which the children were really excited about giving him.

The four of us headed off into Kampala to the Sheraton hotel and spent a lovely day by the pool! We used to spend the day there ‘to get away from it all’ and relax and it is just the same!! We sat under an umbrella and spent time in and out of the water- lovely! I even ordered an iced coffee- all very civilised!

The weather was cooler today as it finally rained this morning and again this evening so there was a lovely cool breeze which made it all really enjoyable.

At 6 the rain clouds came over again and we raced to get changed and into the car to go to Sam’s restaurant. This was where we spent Simon’s birthday while we were here and where we went after my 20 week scan with Reuben and finalised his name before emailing the UK with the news! Roo had heard this story and was really looking forward to eating there – he had heard that that was where we ate crocodile and antelope and this evening he enjoyed a mixed grill of three different types of antelope and some of my croc!!!

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