Sunday – a day of rest – for some maybe!

Sunday saw us back at church, where as well as speaking Simon got pulled into leading some of the worship – getting a couple of his favourite songs in! Clare and the kids went off to run the Kids Zone work again, with great success, while Simon did his ever longest preach – 1 hour and five minutes – you’d be lynched in the UK if you did that – but here it is about average! He spoke on the idea of calling, and basically challenged the church with the idea that our calling is mostly about living our daily lives as Jesus would, and getting stuck in. There is a big divide here between those who go to church and those who don’t, so his encouragement to get out there and start mixing with the world was a real taboo breaker. He ended sharing six ways to hear God, all starting with the letter ‘P’ – prayer, prophecy, people, pushing doors, peace, and ummm, the Pible (well, they laughed anyway).

We were called up the front at the end of the service as a family while Patrick, the church leader, and Herbert, who we are staying with, shared how much our visit has blessed them and challenged them, and encouraged us to return soon!

While Clare and the kids went home for lunch Simon stayed to spend the afternoon with the youth (16-25ish) from the church, about 45 came to the meeting. They were given lunch and a soda¬† (the best way to any young person’s heart!). He then ran a workshop with them for a couple of hours around the topic of setting goals and making the most of your time. It was incredibly well received, and very satisfying, helping these lovely young people to really take a look at what they want to achieve with their lives. They all left having started the process of writing down their lifetime goals, and practicing the process of breaking them down into manageable chunks with deadlines.

Simon stayed at Wellspring to finish some UK work and get this blog online, while Clare and the children went with Herbert and Eve to drop off their oldest son, Marvin, back to school – and then attend a traditional african dance evening. While Simon is looking forward, after hours of speaking, to having to set up a new small business server for the office this evening (actually I’d planned a night off!).

Love to you all, we can’t believe we fly back in just three days!

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  1. Tricia says:

    We are punch drunk with the excitement of your ‘holiday’ to Uganda! Exhausted too, just reading about itl! What a time, we are thrilled by all you are enjoying and able to contribute, the teaching sounds great Simon. Only comment, sermons in our church always last an hour – maybe because are lots of Africans at Oxford Bible Church! Can’t wait to see you all back and more photos, the ones on your blog are amazing, but the elephant and leopard look rather close for comfort… So grateful for God’s protection! Oli and Lara send their love too (just off back to London). SEE YOU SOON! T, J and L XXX

  2. Sarah Walters says:

    Sounds like such an amazing trip, you’ll have to come home for a rest! The safari photos are amazing, Simon. Great to feel ‘in touch’ with all your news, thank you for taking the time to keep us all up to date. Really looking forward to having you back soon. Enjoy your last few days. Sarah x

  3. Peter Wainwright says:

    What an amzing amount of solid Bible teaching Simon gave in one day. It must all be in the mind and the Holy Spirit brings it to remembrance. Praise God.

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